Staying in the Swing of Things

How golfers are improving their games with golf simulators!

Rain or shine, day or night, golf simulators enable avid golfers to stay in the swing and improve their games through technology.  With limitations and uncertainty of travelling abroad at the moment, this just might be the way to find a small escape from your every-day golf course.  And while they can’t magically turn you into Greg Norman, golf simulators can enable you to virtually experience golfing on courses located around the world with amazing attention to detail.


How does it work?

These simulators analyse your swing by displaying images of your courses on the screen and then the images will appear with a realistic view.

Simply hit the ball as you would in a real driving range and the screen will measure your shots in detail.


How Accurate Are They?

Golf simulators can be up to 85-90% accurate if you use good quality equipment to run your simulator, such as Bravo Online® from BRAVO SOFTWARE.


Who’s Using it?

Latitude25 have installed an advanced 3D golf simulator from Bravo Online in their Health Hub to provide residents with another fantastic option for staying active.  Golf-enthusiast residents are enjoying the opportunity to “golf” more than 70 famous courses meticulously mapped using propriety satellite data, including courses such as Augusta National (Georgia, USA) and TPC Sawgrass (Florida, USA). This virtual experience allows parties of up to four to partake in this seamless playing experience.

Whether you want to improve your game, “travel” the worlds’ golf courses or share the love of golf without the investment of course fees and equipment, 3D golf simulators provide another way to experience and practice this amazing precision sport.

Plus – it is a great way to ensure your daily dose of iron!

To explore this lifestyle for yourself, and to see how Latitude25 stacks up, we also offer a complimentary 2-night stay on us. For more details, call Jane on 1800 025 025 or email