A Guide to being a Super Gift Giver!

Every year doting grandparents face the mammoth task of gift giving season for their grandchildren with equal part glee and dread.  Will it be disaster or divine for you this year?  The reality is that a child only needs so many toys.  And, with COVID restrictions coming and going and wreaking havoc with shipping, planning ahead has never been more important. If you’re buying online make sure to start NOW.  Here’s a handy guide to help you remain “Super” this festive season.

Talk with Mum and Dad First

If you are purchasing a gift, it’s a good idea to talk with your grandchild’s parents about what they feel is a good gift, based on the child’s interests, abilities and play patterns.  Plus talking with the parents first demonstrates that you want your gift purchases to be supportive of their parenting choices and that you are not trying to be a distraction or add unnecessary clutter to the house.

Make Sure the Gift is Age Appropriate

So, it has been a while since you’ve had small children living with you in your house, so take time to research the gift and consider whether it’s safe and appropriate for kids your grandchildren’s age.

Parents are a great resource for kids’ likes and dislikes or check out the latest reviews in parenting magazine that often detail create the “top” lists of recommended toys for each age of childhood.

The Experience Gift

Consider gifting an “experience-based” gift – like tickets to a musical, sports event, a membership at the zoo or museum, or a subscription to a favourite magazine.

Not to mention the tools to pursue their experience hobbies such as sporting equipment, cooking utensils, or materials for arts and crafts, etc.

Gift of Time

Create a book full of coupons to take them to the park, sleepovers, special outings or perhaps teach them a skill – gardening, sewing, or one of your own beloved hobbies or sports you want to share.


There is always the value in something made by hand that can become a treasured keepsake over the years. You might make your grandchild a quilt, a special blanket, a sweater or scarf, a fancy T-shirt, a stuffed doll or bear, or doll clothes.

Made Together

Some of the best experiences can be the ones you share. Pick a charity and a project that you can work on together to help those less fortunate. Perhaps assembling care packages for those in need, or a sewing project to make dolls, or woodworking to make toy cars for Christmas toy drive.

Gift of Travel

Consider creating a passport for the kids with destination that you can take them on – whether it be to the ice cream shop or perhaps to tag along on a local road trip in the caravan.  Find a fun ink stamper at your local stationary shop and “stamp” each trip you make.  If travelling isn’t on the cards, consider “camping” in the caravan parked in your own backyard is a treat – a fantastic staycation!  Imagine the savings on petrol!

From the team at Latitude25 have a very Merry Festive Holiday and a Happy New Year!  We are open for tours up until Thursday, December 23. If you’re not local, but still interested in experiencing our lifestyle community, Latitude25 offers online virtual tours by calling 1800 025 025 or email info@visitlatitude25.com.au. We look forward to welcoming you soon to check out why so many are choosing to call Latitude25 in beautiful Hervey Bay their home.