Latitude25 Residents Win Big in Outback Queensland Masters!

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Combining their love of caravan travel with their love of golf, Latitude25 residents Laurie Binstead, Max Robertson and Chris Rogers, collectively known as the Golf Gurus, competed in the 2021 Outback Queensland Masters from 19 June to 25 July this year.

This second annual Masters event was a sell out and spanned an epic 1,900 km across Queensland with competitions in six outback towns.

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In preparation for the competition the group practiced utilised the fantastic Latitude25 golf chip/putting green and virtual golf simulator to polish their skills.

Slated as “an extraordinary journey through the landscapes, legends, and hospitality of Outback Queensland” the Golf Gurus, visited each location playing on Saturday and Sunday completing nine holes each day.



IMG 6861 e1629263954562 300x291 - Latitude25 Residents Win Big in Outback Queensland Masters!In their travels to each location the Gurus played the Augathella and Tambo golf courses and had an afternoon of belly-laughs at the Chicken Races at the Royal Carrangarra Hotel in Tambo.

Whilst playing on all sorts of landscapes from lush and green to extremely dry, the team enjoyed the journey both on the green, and off.

In addition to golfing, the avid caravanners enjoyed checking out the preserved dinosaur footprints at Lark Quarry (110kms from Winton), as well enjoying the bush poetry at the North Gregory Hotel in Winton and woke to wild brolgas checking out the Caravan Park in Longreach.




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In the end, Laurie Binstead brought home the Gold (so to speak!) and was the overall winner of the entire competition winning a $1,000 Drummond Voucher and the eternal fame as the 2021 champion! Chris Rogers was runner up bringing home a $500 Drummond Voucher.

The Hole in one challenge for $10,000 was up for grabs in all the locations and actually went off in Quilpie. The million dollar hole in one in Longreach, on the final day, was available to all the golfers who competed provided they played at least two legs of the competition.
It was a very windy day with some landing on the sand green, however the one million dollar prize for a hole in one remained safe.




IMG 6860 300x225 - Latitude25 Residents Win Big in Outback Queensland Masters!It provided an opportunity for the golf gurus and their wives to spend time in many locations in outback Western Queensland visiting varied tourist destinations and enjoying excellent entertainment on Saturday nights organized by the Outback Masters Queensland crew.

The Golf Gurus have already registered for 2022 event, which kicks off in Roma and finishes in Birdsville.

Interested in competing in the 2022 event? Find all the information here