Freedom and Privacy in Retirement Lifestyle Communities

As more and more 50+ Australians look toward their futures and a move toward lifestyle resort-type communities, many are worried that they’ll be giving up their privacy when they move out of their family homes. Is there any truth to this?

The answer depends on where you’re considering moving.   There is a diverse range of retirement living options available these days and finding the right fit involves researching the type of housing, the management setup, and rules of any potential locations.



Can I Come and Go as I Please?

Many over 55’s communities are gated for safety and security, and this is one of the advantages that attract people to lifestyle community living.  However, gated does not mean restricting your movements.

And with many people making the most of the opportunity to travel more when retired, it’s important to find a village or lifestyle park that supports you on your adventures. Gated communities offer the peace of mind that your home is safe and cared for while you’re away – whether it’s a short trip to visit family or an extended period of travel.  With so many retirees adopting the Grey Nomad life with caravans or motorhomes, lifestyle communities are often including on-site caravan storage.

What are the Rules for Visitors and Furry Friends?

Ensure you ask the rules of any potential village and choose a location that welcomes visitor friends and family of residents to stay anytime. If you are anticipating visitors, this should also be a point of consideration in your choice of home. Make sure it’s large enough to accommodate guests comfortably.

Regulations for pet ownership are allowed in some villages but will usually need to be approved by management and/or have conditions. That said, it is paramount that your home fits the pet as well – for example, a large dog would not be happy in a small apartment or unit.

How Much do I Need to Commit to Community Life?

A little or a lot, it is entirely up to you. The advantage of organised lifestyle communities is to have plenty of organised activities and amenities. This is great in terms of “all the care and none of the responsibility.” Also, with lots of shared spaces on the grounds – such as clubhouses with recreational rooms, and communal BBQ and dining areas – there are a variety of ideal places to gather with others and socialise.

However, if privacy is paramount to you, choose a lifestyle community that offers spacious homes plus grounds with plenty of scope to get out and explore and go home and close the door to your own sanctuary of peace.

Will my Home Have a Garden and Private Yard?

If having a bit of yard and garden is important to you then make sure the lifestyle community that you choose offers this.  Many lifestyle communities cater to this preference with bigger yards and fencing, for peace and privacy.  In some cases, the home models include alfresco dining areas to enjoy privately or for entertaining in style.

The Verdict

When it comes to your freedom and privacy, it is really up to your diligence on the research. Lifestyle communities are aware of these concerns and are addressing them with all the modern conveniences you would expect. Make sure you have your checklist handy when you visit the potential communities and visit them to view the homes and talk to other current residents to get their perspectives.

Everyone can agree that the advantages of low home maintenance, reduced financial worries and a secure neighbourhood that lifestyle communities offer are a freedom in its own right.

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